Diabetes Complete Care Sunshine coast

Diabetes Complete Care offers a range of services for people with Diabetes, their family members and carers. We aim to help you understand the nature of Diabetes and how you are able to manage this chronic disease with the assistance of your health care team. We also provide professional development sessions and workshops for Health Professionals. Read More

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What We Can Offer

DIabetes Complete Care aims to provide you with the information that will increase your knowledge about your diabetes health condition. We will coach you to achieve the skills that you require to manage your diabetes. We want to work with you to help you become the expert in managing your diabetes health. Live well, Keep well, Be well.

  • Insulin Pump Education
    Insulin Pump Education

    New pump starts, Pump upgrades and ongoing education and management for all types of insulin pumps available in Australia

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring
    Continuous Glucose Monitoring

    CGMS trials - all systems

  • Individual Consultations
    Individual Consultations

    Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Diabetes in Pregnancy and Gestational Diabetes

  • Paediatric Diabetes Consultations

    Joint Paediatric Diabetes clinics with a private Paediatrician

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