Health Services - Diabetes Complete Care

Individual consultations

Initial consultations are 45 minutes long and include a full assessment of your current health status, commencement of self - management diabetes education and provides you with a plan developed in partnership with the diabetes educator for you to follow before you next appointment.

Review consultation: Review consultations are 30 minutes long and includes a review of your progress and ongoing education to improve your skills and knowledge about your diabetes. 

Insulin pump therapy

Diabetes Complete Care Insulin Pump start requirements:

An appointment with an Endocrinologist (for adults) or Paediatrician (child or adolescent) to acquire a letter of clinical need for health fund confirmation of funding – this letter needs to be sent to the CDE.

  • An initial appointment with the Credentialled Diabetes Educator (CDE) for insulin pump information and suitability assessment. (60 minutes) A Medicare refund is available for Diabetes Educator consults if you are referred to a private credentialled diabetes educator by a GP on a chronic disease care plan.
  • If your child is under 18 years of age,  they will need to see a private paediatrician.  Your GP will need to refer you so that you can get a Medicare rebate for the consultation.
  • There are a couple of private endocrinologists on the Sunshine Coast.  If you are a new patient, then you will need your GP to refer you so that you can get a Medicare rebate for the consultation.
  • You need an appointment with the dietician to learn carbohydrate counting. The dietician will decide how many sessions you need.
  • After the initial session, a pump education session with the CDE – (1 hour duration) is booked - only one session may be required but more may be booked depending on your understanding of (CSII) insulin pump therapy.
  • An insulin pump start date is booked. This may be a half day admission to one of the Private hospitals on the Sunshine Coast or may be done as an outpatient depending on your private health fund requirements.
  • Follow-up by the CDE – daily phone/email contact for 3 days post insulin pump start, then weekly contact by phone for 4 weeks. Face to face appointment at 4 weeks then an appointment at 8 weeks with your medical specialist (endocrinologist or paediatrician)
  • You will then be booked alternately to see your specialist and CDE every 3 months.
  • For an appointment with  Rene’ Hinton CDE and a Sunshine Coast Dietetics dietician,  please contact us on (07) 54794363.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Trials

Continuous glucose monitoring or CGM can provide people living with type 1 diabetes valuable additional information to help reduce the risk of both severe hypoglycemia (hypos) and hyperglycemia (highs). CGM devices relay frequent measurements of glucose levels from a small sensor inserted under the skin of the abdomen. Signals are transmitted either to an insulin pump or a hand-held receiver or meter. You are able to hire a transmitter and purchase a sensor to trial CGM or access various trial schemes through the product companies when they are available. Please contact our office for the pricing schedule.

Staff Education

Diabetes Complete Care partners with Coastal Diabetes Education to provide Health professional workshop packages for: Practice Nurses, Private Hospital staff, Aged Care Facility staff and support workers, School teaching staff and support workers and Disability services.

We can provide annual updates and 'hands on' workshops for your staff to maintain their knowledge and skills in caring for people with Diabetes. Please contact us to discuss your learning needs and request a quote for a workshop presentation.

Insulin titration packages:

Diabetes Complete Care is a certified Helping Hands participant. This allows people using Novo Nordisk insulins to access a couple of consultations with a Credentialled Diabetes Educator(CDE) with no out of pocket cost to the client.

It is preferable that the client accessing this funding also has a GP management  plan and TCA referral for ongoing care by with the Diabetes Educator.